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BOOK – How to live in São Paulo without a car, 2014 edition

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BOOK – How to live in São Paulo without a car, 2014 edition


In addition to the interviews, the book features an interesting tour of bars, exhibitions, concert halls and other programs that the reader can do without having to use a car.


30% of people who reduce car use sell it after two years. The data is from the Ipespe Survey, commissioned for the guide How to Live in São Paulo without a Car 2014. In its 3rd edition, this book has been showing that the exchange of automobiles for other forms of locomotion is something real, a trend that is happening in the world and also in the city. To understand the change, Como Viver em São Paulo without a car 2014 interviewed 15 people who have adapted to this new reality. In this book, they tell why they chose to sell the car – and what means they adopted as an alternative. Following this new logic, the government has been concerned with creating bicycle lanes in São Paulo, so Mayor Fernando Haddad promised the implementation of 400km of them by 2015. Because of this new policy, we included in this year's edition a map of the bicycle lanes and an evaluation of them, made by the coordinator of Vá de Bike, William Cruz. It also teaches you how to understand and practice the necessary signs for those who use a bicycle as a means of transport.

Product Detail

Creator: Alexandre Frankel
Editor and Texts: Leão Serva
Photos: Cássio Vasconcellos
Illustrations: Eva Uviedo

Weight: 145 grams
Width: 14.40 cm
Height: 19.20 cm
Thickness: 0.70cm
Number of pages: 80
ISBN: 978-85-913802-3-7


(Sold out)

*Deliveries to the Expanded Center in São Paulo will be carried out by bike boys, within the same period and at the same price as Sedex or Pac. Our contribution to the city's air.

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