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Engage in funding scientific dissemination and conservation of the biodiversity of Brazilian biomes.

     With a small monthly donation, you or your company can contribute directly to the development, conduct and dissemination of research carried out at the Biodiversity study centers maintained by IPBio within the different Brazilian biomes. Your contribution will help us to expand our research and education projects, making it possible to support more students and individuals who are interested in the conservation and preservation of our ecosystems.


     Associates, in return, will have free access to visit our natural reserves owned by IPBio and will receive monthly video updates, “the BIO NEWS” with recent events, footage and snapshots of the flora and fauna, in addition to news about the progress of our projects. Furthermore, you will have live access to our network of OBBIO Biodiversity observatory cameras which register and monitor 24 hours a day, plus receive audio recordings and footage of the local landscape.


     Every year, all associates will receive a report containing a summary of the activities carried out throughout the year thanks to the financial support received.

By getting involved with IPBio, you will help us to expand our work of scientific research and education for the benefit of conservation and biodiversity.


     Becoming an associated you’ll help us to expand our work of scientific research and education for valuing and conserving our biodiversity.


Associated Investor

R$ 300,00 (monthly)

Plan for individuals with a special interest in supporting the development of research in biodiversity and its dissemination to the public. Resources are invested in infrastructure and equipment.


Associated subscriber

R$ 30,00 (monthly)

Plan for individuals who want to closely follow the activities at the Betary Reserve and other IPBio reserves and share incredible videos about the fauna and flora on their social networks. Resources are utilised to maintain the routine activities of the research centers.


Volunteer Associate
R$ 30,00 (monthly

Plan for volunteers who want to keep the good memories of their experience at the reserves and keep in touch with the activities, sounds and images of the daily life in the IPBio natural reserves.


Associated Student
R$ 10,00 (m

Plan for Students interested in exploring, learning and knowing more about this fascinating universe of biodiversity



For companies that recognize biodiversity as a valuable asset and wish to provide their employees with a closer connection to nature.

As part of their ESG practices, the affiliated company will be able to share educational content from IPBio with all its employees (through each company's communication department) via WhatsApp, email, or intranet. In addition to promoting awareness for the preservation of living beings (the environmental component of ESG), it will contribute to the education and understanding of biodiversity through the involvement of the communities where the institute's nature reserves are located (the social component of ESG).

In addition to the digital content, the affiliated company will receive a complimentary allocation of 24 tickets per year (subject to availability) for employees interested in visiting the Betary Reserve in Iporanga - SP.

Schools affiliated with IPBio will have access to multimedia materials of educational interest (videos, photos, audios), monthly video-newsletters, and publications with curriculum-related content. They can also request photos and videos from IPBio's Image Bank for use in student projects and studies.

MARASMIACEA.Gerronema viridiluscens.HENRIQUEDOMINGOS.IPBIio.IMG_5871-2-escolhida.JPG

Empresa Associada

R$ 3.000,00 (m

Plano para empresas que enxergam no desenvolvimento de pesquisas em biodiversidade e sua divulgação, uma forma de contribuir para o desenvolvimento sustentável do país. 


Private Schools

R$ 300,00 (m

Plan for schools that want to provide experiences and learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom environment, allowing direct contact with the nature of IPBio's reserves..

    To become a member, click the paypal button "Associe-se" or email

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