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The IPBio – Betary Reserve develops projects in environmental education and social development. We believe that these projects are the most important and effective tools that contribute to the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage

Young biodiversity artists

IPBio is launching a new project called “Young Artists Biodiversity in Tropical Forest of Brazil’’ that allows youth from our local community in Iporanga to transform knowledge into art. What better way to “leave a healthy planet to our children” is there than to get the future generation involved in conservation and earths recovery! 15 students will enter their classroom, the Atlantic Forest, for a 3-week course on biodiversity, history, culture and use this knowledge to transform it into digital art, through photography and editing.

They will produce images and digital art that remind us of the significance of our natural, historical and cultural richness. Their work will be presented to our entire local community and made available online on social media in order to sensitize everyone to the importance of preserving the Atlantic Forest. You can contribute to this project via donations by clicking here 


Hosting public school trips

IPBio receives students from public schools in the region for free. We know conservation is impossible without thinking about education and local community involvement as well as our environment. Our trips allow children and young people to become better acquainted with the natural wonders around them and emphasizes the value of preserving them. Our intention is to develop a more extensive program with diverse activities throughout the year.


Internship program for Iporanga Youth

This program arose to provide work experience for young people from Iporanga, in projects involving technology, such as organization, production and editing, as well as gaining experience in scientific research and interacting with people from other cultures and regions that visit the research center. Through an agreement between IPBio and the public school in the municipality of Iporanga, “EE Nascimento da Silva Satyr”, high school students are selected to work at IPBio.

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