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IPBio – Betary Reserve is currently developing researches on the biology of species from the Atlantic Forest, with the purpose of preservation.



Bioluminescent fuungi are species of fungi that release light. The region presents the biggest concentration of these fungi in the whole planet, currently 10 out of 71 known species.


• Diversity and biology of amphibians
• Study of Biology and the breeding of fish from creeks
• Mast fauna inventory using photographic traps
• Reptile inventory
• Avifauna inventory and the nidicolas behavior



Introduction to cultivation of ornamental species.

Projects carried out

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Anurans from Conserved and Urbanized Areas in the Municipality of Iporanga, State of São Paulo, Brazil – 2010.
Researcher: Isaias Santos.
Advisor: Dr Luis Felipe Toledo

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Interference of Partial Tail Loss in the Development of Dendropsophus elegans Tadpoles – 2010.
Researcher: Ana Glaucia da Silva Martins.
Advisor: Dr Luis Felipe Toledo

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Survey of Medium and Large Terrestrial Mastofauna using a Photographic Trap in the Betary Reserve Area – Iporanga (SP) – 2011.
Researcher: Ruy dos Santos Barbosa Júnior
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Walter Barrella
PUC- São Paulo


The production of images captured and organized since 2006, used to support research, allows for the unfolding of different potentialities for the multiplication of knowledge, through the internet and social networks. OBBIO – Biodiversity Observatory is an IPBio project to disseminate records obtained by a network of video cameras that monitor fauna and flora 24 hours a day, generating films and content for use in research and teaching. See now some unprecedented images of the behavior of wild animals.

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