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BOOK – Itatinga: the hydroelectric plant and its legacy


BOOK – Itatinga: the hydroelectric plant and its legacy

Celebrating 100 years of uninterrupted operation, the power plant of Itatinga is still responsible for about 80% of the energy used in the port of Santos. The book tells this story through its political, economic, social, environmental and technological aspects.


By following a visionary plan, at the beginning of the 20th century a group of engineers and workers built one of the most exquisite infrastructure works of our coastline in the middle of the pristine rainforest – The Hydroelectric Power Plant of Itatinga, in Bertioga. To overcome the steep escarpment of Serra do Mar and the swampy land of the plain, all sorts of engineering solutions were put into it. Over da mountain it was necessary to capture water from a small river and lead it to the water intake that would feed the plant. Underneath, more than 30 km away from the port, the challenge was to deploy the powerhouse with generators and transmission lines in a desert region, which was devoided of access. Between the capture and the powerhouse it would be necessary to install metal pipes that would bring the force from water to produce the desired electrical energy. A small port, a delicate railway a village of workers to house the plant’s officials would make up the picturesque setting of Itatinga, framed by lush Rainforest. This heritage was preserved by successive port administrations over 100 years, mainly by workers and their families. In this centenary of Itatinga, nothing better than bringing back its construction saga and the story of their creators and residents, as well as all those who contributed to its preservation. Directed to: architects, engineers, biologists, tourismologists, college students, teachers, residents of Baixada Santista, anyone interested in the area’s heritage.


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Author: Ana Luisa Howard de Castilho

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