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BOOK – An English farm in a universe called Caiçara


BOOK – An English farm in a universe called Caiçara

Between 1927 and 1967, an English group of people occupied an area of 4 thousand acres near the city of Caraguatatuba, to plant bananas and citrus fruits such as grapefruit. This book brings this time back and retells the history of the city around it.


Part of the North Shore where the mountain range called Serra do Mar receded left room to an immense and fertile plain, which provided the King of England’s subjects and, say, the King himself part of their breakfast for decades. An English farm in the local universe (called Caiçara) tells the story of a huge rural area located in Caraguatatuba, northern coast of São Paulo and which had the same number of inhabitants than the city during its high season production. With care and efficiency tons of bananas and grapefruit were produced there: the one similar to the orange that has a red pulp and tastes more bitter, and that was an indispensable part of his Majesty the King’s breakfast in his lands. Directed to: historians, geographers, students, teachers, architects, engineers, biologists, ttourismologists, inhabitants of the northern coast of São Paulo, anyone interested in the historical and cultural heritage area, in the history of Brazil, workers at the port area.


Author: Gloria Kók

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Weight: 12,34 ounces
Dimensions: 6,22 x 9,0 x 0,39 inches
Pages: 120
ISBN: 978-85-99049-068


R$ 49.00* (SOLD OUT)

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