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BOOK - Amphibians of the Atlantic forest


BOOK - Amphibians of the Atlantic forest


First illustrated guide to amphibians released in Brazil. It contains species of from the Atlantic forest’s full extent. In the book, 180 species of amphibians are presented, which represents around 40 reported occurrences in this biome.


This is the first illustrated guide released in Brazil containing species of amphibians from the Atlantic forest’s full extent. In this book 180 species are presented, which represents about 40 of the fauna reported in this biome. The Guide also includes species of anuran families from the Atlantic forest, endemic species, and even some already considered to be extinct. This publication covers basic information on the species and their habitats, behavior and geographical distribution. Much of this data is unpublished and is based on decades of research with amphibians nationwide. The guide is organized so that anyone can browse through its contents, without age limits and without the need for scientific knowledge. Directed to: biologists, students, teachers, anyone interested in the


Atlantic Forest region, interested in amphibians and environmentalists.
Authors: Célio F. B. Haddad, Luís Felipe Toledo e Cynthia P. A. Prado

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Weight: 19,40 ounces
Dimensions: 6,29 x 8,26 x 0,59 inches
Pages: 244

ISBN: 978-85-99049-03-7


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