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Non-profit private institution dedicated to the development of researches on biodiversity of Brazilian biomes and its dissemination.

IPBio – Biodiversity Research Institute is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that develops and supports projects in environmental education and scientific research on biodiversity, ecology as well as on the behavior of species of fauna and flora of Brazilian ecosystems.

IPBio was founded by Sergio Pompeia, agronomist and botanist, who desired to create a bridge between scientific research and the general population so that society could make informed decisions about environmental issues.

As a result, IPBio goals always combine research with education. Our infrastructure was designed to conduct academic studies while simultaneously allowing visitors on the reserve to visualize and learn about our native species. Our research always strives to have educational applications, such as the production of eBooks, so that our projects not only pertain to the scientific world but encourage citizens to understand and care about nature.

In addition, IPBio’s mission is to encourage conservation, management and sustainable use of natural resources; and promote the development of eco-tourism and cultural projects.


IPBio long-term goal is to create 5 reserves with research centers in all of the Brazils major biomes. IPBio pilot center was constructed in the Altantic Forest, known as IPBio – Reserva Betary, and has already purchased a reserve in the Amazon. The next biomes IPBio wished to expand to is: Cerrado, Panatanal and Catingaa.

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IPBio – Betary Reserve

IPBio is located on the Betary Reserve, a 60 hectare preserved area, in the municipality of Iporanga which is situated in the Ribeira Valley. The region is home to the largest surviving contiguous area of Atlantic Forest. In 2009, the reserve received accreditation as an advanced outpost of The Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO’s MaB Program. On the Reserve, IPBio has developed a range of research projects related to native biodiversity. In addition, the founder of IPBio, ceded part of the reserve on a “lending basis” to another institution named FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine that whose primary focus in the reintroduction of native birds who have been rescued from the illegal trade of animals.


IPBio – Jutuarana

Reserva Jutuarana, second IPBIO’s unity, is under settlement. Its location, in the watershed of the Amazon River, allows the development of studies of fish and other aquatic organisms of the region. The land, by the Tapajós River, is close to Alter do Chão, in Santarém – PA.

IPBio – Tamanduá Reserve

The Tamanduá Reserve, IPBio's third unit, is located in the municipality of Rio da Conceição in the state of Tocantins, a region dominated by the Cerrado biome, the second largest Brazilian Biome in terms of extension. The region is part of the Serras Gerais State Park and has a wonderful landscape with waterfalls, rivers, caves and surprising biodiversity. 

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