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DOCUMENTARY – The Port of Santos: sailing through history


DOCUMENTARY – The Port of Santos: sailing through history

The centerpiece of an educational project, the film was produced in an accessible language and features iconographic documents, images, biographies of historical characters and social groups that were part of history.


Five thousand years ago, there were already people occupying the coast of what is now the Bay of Santos. Since then, this jagged coast has been Brazil's main link with the world. In colonial times, it was there that the first village in Brazil, São Vicente, was founded. It was there that the Jesuits who later founded São Paulo arrived. The independence of Brazil began in Santos and, seven decades later, the Companhia Docas de Santos was born, making it the main port in Brazil. Memorable characters, pirates, inventors, workers' leaders and rulers were part of this story, which is now told in the 26 minutes of this documentary. You can keep up with it, not just watching the movie, but also accessing its hidden content: 21 extra video bios, hundreds of old photos and maps, and images of legacy heritage sites. All with simple and intuitive navigation. Watch, browse and enjoy.

Screenplay: Marcos Pompéia and Jayme Serva
Director: Fábio Woody and Sérgio Pompéia

Product Detail

Approximate duration: 26 minutes
Audio: Portuguese
Subtitles: Spanish, English and Portuguese
Free classification
Screen Format: 4 x 3
Compatibility: ALL
Weight: 150g Width: 13.50cm
Height: 19 cm


R$ 15.00


Deliveries to the Expanded Center in São Paulo will be carried out by bike boys, within the same period and at the same price as Sedex or Pac. Our contribution to the city's air.

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