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BOOK – How to live in São Paulo without a car, 2012


BOOK – How to live in São Paulo without a car, 2012

12 citizens of São Paulo describe how they discovered solutions to live life in São Paulo to the full, dispensing with the use of a car. Each statement is accompanied by an illustrated map, with the preferences of each respondent among the countless options that the city offers.


Every day millions of Paulistanos spend hours in traffic. While some watch life go by from inside the traffic jam, others have decided to move forward. They moved closer to the workplace. They adopted public transport, the bicycle or went walking. And they discovered that everything is faster, healthier and more fun than sitting in a car. By reinventing themselves, these people are reinventing São Paulo. How about knowing some of their stories and tips? Guests: Gilberto Dimenstein | Mattew Shirts | Jana Rosa | Milton Jung | Maria Adelaide Amaral | Pedro José de Carvalho | Rita Wolf | Thaddeus Jungle | Raí | Vanessa Barbara | Candide Malta | Sérgio Kalil Creator: Alexandre Lafer Frankel Author: Leão Serva

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Weight: 145 grams Width: 14.40 cm Height: 19.20 cm Thickness: 0.80 cm Number of pages: 80 ISBN: 978-85-913802-0-6


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*Deliveries to the Expanded Center in São Paulo will be carried out by bike boys, within the same period and at the same price as Sedex or Pac. Our contribution to the city's air.

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